Mechanical God Emperor/机械神皇 Wiki

Zhao Jiang, was the successor of a baron of the Turandot Subcontinent’s Fernandro Principality. His fief was the Autumn Leaf Town. Zhao Jiang's childhood wish was to become a legendary Warlock capable of slaying dragons and for his name to spread through the entire Turandot Subcontinent. Only when he grew up did he realize that it was highly improbable for a lesser aristocrat like him to meet such a powerful and mysterious existence like a Warlock, let alone become a powerful and honorable Warlock himself.

After growing up, Zhao Jiang's wish was to cultivate the Thunder Ox Art, which was a martial art passed down in his family, to promote to a Knight and earn 1,000 gold coins that he would hand over to the Fernandro Principality in order to preserve the Zhao Family's aristocratic title.

However, it wasn't easy to promote to a Knight. Zhao Jiang bitterly cultivated the Thunder Ox Art since little, yet in the end, he only managed to promote to an intermediate Warrior. God knows how long it would have taken him to become a Knight.

He was killed by Assassin Black Scorpion assigned by Baron Kirov.

Yang Feng took his identity for some time and killed Baron Kirov for him.