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Yang Feng is the main protagonist of the Chinese Web Novel Mechanical God Emperor.

Yang Feng transmigrated to a new world and inherited the legacy of an 'ancient extinct race' Xisu. With the help of the technology from Xisu, he went to the path of conquering the entire world and live a carefree life.


He has a thirst for power as doesn't want to be under anyone and let others control his life. He hates mindless killing but wouldn't hesitate to do anything for advancing his strength and is caring towards his subordinates and woudn't sacrifice them no matter what. He is very smart as well as cunning.


He has black hairs and black eyes and face of an eastern man. He is very handsome as well.


Yang Feng transmigrated to the World of Warlocks and landed in backward subcontinent known as Turandot Subcontinent. To get knowledge of this world and fit in here, he changed his appearance into of a dead man known as Zhao Jiang and while at it promised him to take revenge for him.

Starting as a Baron of a smal town known as Autumn Leaf Town, he captured towns and cities around it to procure minerals and energy for his mechanical legion.

His first confrontation against Warlocks was against a Level-1 Warlock known as Bonney. While at it he also changed his name and appearance to look like another person I.e., Steel Lord Yang Ye as Warlocks possessed countless secret methods! Among them, there were even some very strange curses capable of cursing a person via just their name. Such curses weren't powerful, and a formidable level-1 Warlock like Bonney could easily resist them. However, Yang Feng was nothing more than a good-for-nothing earthling. He had no resistance to curses. He would die once cursed. Therefore, he didn't dare to casually announce his real name.

After killing and getting Bonney's memories, Yang Feng checked his soul Aptitude and it was found out that his soul aptitude is Inferior level-1. According to Bonney's memories, with his soul aptitude, unless he transplanted the bloodline of a formidable life form or used a lot of extremely precious elixirs that can strengthen the soul aptitude of cultivators, it will be extremely difficult for him to cultivate until an official level-1 Warlock in his lifetime. He was an extreme waste, even a random peasent's soul aptitude was better than his. Yang Feng wanted to concoct some Soul Strengthening Exilir but was enable to as Bonney memories didn't any formula for it and most Soul Strengthening Exilir formulas were firmly grasped by major Warlock Forces.

As the best course of action, Yang Feng decided to join Warlock College Antalya of the Six Strongest Warlock Groups of Turandot Subcontinent as it has the most comprehensive foundation with the most open-minded education style. If he joined the Warlock College Antalya, he may get the chance to receive a formidable Warlock inheritance.

He also found a taboo stone obtained by Bonney in the Black Cottage's Warlock Tower. The Taboo stone contained an egg and to incubate that egg he chose to face the danger that would be Fernandro Principality and complete the ritual that will make the egg hatch and the make creature inside have goodwill towards him.

During the sensitive period of the egg incubation, Yang Feng was attacked by the Blood Bat Knights of the Fernandro Principality, the Warlock Group Eye of Demonic Snake and Fang of White Bear. He was attacked by a force composed of 5,000 cavalrymen, 200 heavy cavalrymen, 40,000 infantrymen, 120,000 auxiliary troops, and 5,000 Blood Bat Knights. The Force also had 3 Level-2 Warlock, 18 Level-1 Warlock and 310 Apprentice Warlock.

Yang Feng was able to defeat them using surprise attacks. After defeating them he proved his strength to the Warlock College Antalya and made negotiations possible with them. After negotiating it was decided that in addition to the current border, the Fernandro Principality still has to cede three cities, namely the Gold Sand City, Hard Wood City, and Brilliant Rock City. Additionally, it has to compensate Steel City with 300,000 magic stones and 10 vials of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir capable of altering the soul aptitude of cultivators. Like this, Steel Lord Yang Ye would accept their conditions, side with the Warlock College Antalya, and send his only kin Yang Feng to join the Warlock College Antalya to tread the Warlock path.

During all this time, Yang Feng had high expectations for the egg from Taboo Stone as during the time of the  2nd Warlock Dynasty, powerful Warlocks conquered numerous planes and captured many powerful beings to carry out a variety of taboo research. Puny life forms and secret treasures didn't have the qualifications to be sealed in taboo stones.

I’m not asking for much! Since it’s something from a taboo stone, it should be really good. I will be perfectly satisfied with a dragon, a fenghuang [1], a cerberus, or some other kind of mythological beast cub. I want a bad ass mythological beast!
— Yang Feng

But all his expectation were broken when inside the huge egg was curled-up an adorable, angel-like little girl about 6 years old, with waist-length hair and jade-white skin.

What the fuck? Are you messing with me? What about the powerful contracted beast?
— Yang Feng

She was given the name Shi Xue by him.

Yang Feng also traded his Battle-Robots with Eudorax from Warlock College Antalya so he would taking care of him and Shi Xue during their time in Warlock College Antalya. Yang Feng also got a Soul Strengthening Exilir Formula the Siren's Tears as well as a Secret Methods for laying his foundation the Magic Note's Titan, a secret method for Shi Xue, the West Extreme Cold Ice Phoenix Art.

During his journey towards Warlock College Antalya he was attacked by bandits and a Warlock from Black Dragon Tower. He was easily able to eradicate the bandits and kill the Warlock resulting in him getting to subordinate a Great Knight rank expert Budd and some secret treasures.

After reaching Warlock College Antalya he was ridiculed by Bantania but he didn't take the lying down because he knew that Turandot Subcontinent was dominated by caucasians and easterners were discriminated and suppressed by them resulting in them never rising in ranks so he made sure he wouldn't be suppressed by them as he showed his overbearingness to everyone. He declared war against Bantania's family but in the end he was stopped by Scarlet Hand Blitz in exchange for some conditions i.e.,

I only ask that you agree to my four requests. First, let my nephew enter the Warlock College Antalya’s Secret Method Tower and choose a secret method that can be used to advance to the Great Warlock rank. Second, please give my nephew a vial of Mermaid Tears Elixir. Third, give me Bantania’s severed head. Fourth, I ask that my niece can be exempt from the admission test.