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Welcome to Mechanical God Emperor Wiki What To Do page. Interested to help us out but don't know what to do? This page might help you. On this page you can read the list of things to do on this wiki. Have something good in mind but it is not on the list are welcome, but please be sure that it is useful and accurate. Every contribution big or small are deeply appreciated. Suggestions and comments are welcomed and they can be posted here.
Need help about editing? Please contact the admins or visit Help:Editing.

Adding Details, Images, Infobox and etc.[]

  • Adding Official Photos for the Characters please read the Editing Policies.
    • It's okay if the grammar is wrong as long as the detail is accurate. Someone might fix the grammar errors for you.
  • Adding Gallery.
  • Adding Trivia if there's any.
  • Adding Article to their respectives Categories.
  • If you use or make a template be sure that:
    • Admins know it.
    • It must be related to novel Mechanical God Emperor.
    • Any Questions on how to use the templates; please contact the admins.

Special Pages[]

You can help the wiki by maintaining the Special Pages listed below. They are really tough to maintain specially when it comes to checking and editing them regularly. Here are the list of Special Pages that needs help on this wiki:

This are the pages/files/templates that is isn't categorized.

If you are new here on this wiki, before categorizing, please read the Editing Policies.

This are the pages/categories/files/templates that is isn't used.

This are the pages/categories/files/templates that doesn't exist on this wiki you can create one.

This are the pages that doesn't have an image and interwiki link.

Other Things To Do[]

  • Please read the Editing Policies.
    • You can add an article about everything and anything related to the novel Mechanical God Emperor! Just remember to check if that page already exist.
    • Need help on creating new page? Please visit Help:New Page.

  • You could help just by editing articles even just correcting typos and grammar errors would do!
  • Adding Infoboxes.
  • Adding any new information in the Stub article.
    • If you are putting new information in the stub article you must have reference.

  • Please read the Editing Policies.
  • Reporting if any page had been vandalize to admins.

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