Mechanical God Emperor/机械神皇 Wiki

Human Warlocks’ practiced cultivation by using special Secret Methods to absorb all kinds of drifting elemental particles and strengthening their physical constitutions as well as nourishing their soul, advancing their soul force. Soul force was the most basic source of power of an extraordinary life form, once soul force was unable to advance, then the body would be unable to continue to evolve.

The formidable elemental particles were very beneficial to strengthening physical constitution as well as nourishing soul.

The ultimate goal of Warlocks was to acquire eternity.

In order to acquire eternity, countless Warlocks left their tracks over countless planes, absorbing their knowledge and seizing their life forms to carry out bloodline remodeling, taboo research, soul research, golem manufacturing, and other kinds of research.


The cultivation for Human Warlocks was divided into 19 ranks:

1 Apprentice Warlock 1 -
2 Apprentice Warlock 2 -
3 Apprentice Warlock 3 -
4 Level-1 Warlock 200 - 300 Yrs
5 Level-2 Warlock 300 - 400 Yrs
6 Level-3 Warlock 400 - 500 Yrs
7 Great Warlock 1000+ Yrs
8 Starry Sky Warlock
9 Moonlight Warlock
10 Glorious Sun Warlock
11 Bright World Warlock
12 Infinity Warlock
13 Warlock Monarch
14 Holy Spirit Warlock
15 Warlock Emperor
17 Eternal Immortal
18 Eternal King Immortal
19 Eternal Emperor Immortal

Apprentice Warlock[]

Apprentice Warlocks were the lowest existences among Warlocks. However, becoming an Apprentice Warlock wasn't so simple either. The physical constitution of an Apprentice Warlock had to reach the level of a Knight rank powerhouse before they could begin learning Apprentice Warlock knowledge.

Without a strong body, it was impossible to bear the burden from the high-intensity learning that was characteristic of Apprentice Warlock knowledge. As for Bloodline Warlocks who had to transplant the bloodline from formidable life forms, it was impossible to bear the impact that came with the transplant without a sturdy body. Ordinary people who transplanted the bloodline of a too powerful life form would explode and die.

Level-1 Warlock[]

The key step for an Apprentice Warlock promoting to an official Warlock was to condense a soul seed, then the soul seed would act as the core and establish a sea of spirit force, breaking through the limit of a human's body, evolving towards an extraordinary life form and solidifying one's sea of spirit force into a level-1 innate spell.