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Shi Xue is the little sister of Yang Feng


When she was born, she was an adorable, angel-like little girl about 6 years old, with waist-length hair and jade-white skin.

After eating the eggshell of the egg she was born from she rapidly grew and turned into a 13-year-old beautiful girl with beautiful, long black hair, plump twin peaks, and a seductive body.


She had an evil personality and is extremely loyal to Yang Feng

She was not only astonishingly beautiful, but also had a natural charm to her, which made her attractiveness toward males even more amazing.

With her natural charm, whether men or women, everyone would have a favorable impression of her.


There was a wide plaza was in the underground floor of the Warlock Tower of Black Cottage, and in the middle of the plaza was a huge blood pool. The edges of the blood pool were engraved with numerous runes brimming with a mysterious power. Around the blood pool, there were nodes inlaid with blood-colored crystals as well as magic stones brimming with a mysterious power.

In the middle of the blood pool was a transparent crystal basin, and in the transparent crystal basin laid a huge egg engraved with various profound and mysterious runes.

The blood pool churned and roiled, and strands of bloody gas rose from it, and then merged with the huge egg. The huge egg occasionally issued heartbeats like a huge heart. Every time a heartbeat sounded, the plaza would surge with a small fluctuation of energy.

This was the treasure that Bonney got from the Taboo Stone! He was going to turn the life form inside the egg into his contracted beast. In order to hatch the life inside the egg and have it brim with vitality, he arranged this alter and performed a blood sacrifice ritual by killing 1,376 virgins.

The Turandot Subcontinent has banned large-scale killings of ordinary people for experiments. Of the 1,376 virgins Bonney used, more than 1,000 of them were slaves bought from all over and the rest were gifts offered to him by various people. His use of slaves and gifts to carry out the experiment didn't violate the law drafted by Warlocks. At most, he would have been condemned morally. As such, he still was extremely secretive and put the altar underground. He was also the only person that could enter this place inside the Warlock tower.

Since Yang Feng wasn't a Warlock at that time, he wasn't able to make a contract with the lifeform inside the egg. That is he adopted a different method i.e., he would have to stay there with the egg for 20 days, for no less than 3 hours per day, and will have to extract 50 milliliters of blood from his body and irrigate the egg with it everyday in order to establish a connection. Coupled with the power of the altar, it can make the life form inside the egg generate a feeling of affection towards him.

Yang Feng had high expectations for this egg as during the time of the 2nd Warlock Dynasty, powerful Warlocks conquered numerous planes and captured many powerful beings to carry out a variety of taboo research. Puny life forms and secret treasures didn't have the qualifications to be sealed in taboo stones.


Warrior Early 30
Warrior Late 35
Level-1 Warlock 64
I’m not asking for much! Since it’s something from a taboo stone, it should be really good. I will be perfectly satisfied with a dragon, a fenghuang, a cerberus, or some other kind of mythological beast cub. I want a bad ass mythological beast!
— Yang Feng

But all his expectation were broken when inside the huge egg was curled-up an adorable, angel-like little girl about 6 years old, with waist-length hair and jade-white skin.

She became the third holy spirit realm of the batle demon sect

What the fuck? Are you messing with me? What about the powerful contracted beast?
— Yang Feng

Secret Methods[]

  • West Extreme Cold Ice Phoenix Art --> It's a peerless secret method handed down by the 7th Warlock Dynasty, the Magic Note Dynasty, most suitable for females to cultivate. The West Extreme Cold Ice Phoenix Art is a secret method that can be practiced without any requirements in terms of bloodline.


  • She was given the name Shi Xue by Yang Feng as she was born from the stone like egg and she was as white as snow. Shi = Stone, Xue = Snow