Mechanical God Emperor/机械神皇 Wiki

The Human Warlocks divided the planes into 9 ranks:

Planes Grade's Maximum cultivation Maximum number of Gods
Grade 9 plane Great Warlock 0
Grade 8 plane Starry Sky Warlock / Demi-god 0
Grade 7 plane Moonlight Warlock / Feeble Divine Force Rank God 1
Grade 6 plane Glorious Sun Warlock / Weak Divine Force Rank God 10
Grade 5 plane Bright World Warlock / Intermediate Divine Force Rank God 100
Grade 4 plane Infinity Warlock / Strong Divine Force Rank God 1000
Grade 3 plane Warlock Monarch / Mighty Divine Force Rank God 10000
Secondary grade 2 plane Holy Spirit Warlock / Supreme Divine Force Rank God 100000
Superior grade 2 plane Warlock Emperor / Myriad God Emperor
Grade 1 plane Eternal 1000000

Human Warlocks through all those years have only been able to find 36 Superior Grade 2 Plane and a single Grade 1 Plane i.e., Cangzhi Plane. But they are other plane who are not inferior Grade 1 Plane such as

When a higher power being tries to enter low-level planes, they are suppressed by the plane origin will and there powers are restricted. Only Warlock Emperor Rank powerhouse can enter any plane without the suppression of the plane origin will.