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No.3796 is Xisu’s 3796th inheritance robot. Its abilities were carved via a mark in Yang Feng's mind.

This golden robot possessed an extremely formidable computing chip with an astronomically high computing speed. All of Earth's electronic devices put together couldn't measure up to one-trillionth of the golden robot's computing speed.

The golden robot's computing chip contained the records of countless information concerning Xizu technology. From when the Xizu were at their weakest and most inexperienced up to when they were at their most powerful and their technology was the most developed, everything was recorded. It also contained numerous blueprints of weapons. Furthermore, this golden robot still possessed a terrifying ability – void creation. So long as there was enough energy, it could create any weapon out of thin air.

Level-3 life forms and below are not No.3796 match. According to Earth's standard, lions, tigers, and other ferocious beasts will be blown away with a single punch. Even though 3796's fighting strength was weak, but it possessed a lot of formidable auxiliary abilities, and life form radar was one of its abilities. As long as there was enough energy, the range of its radar could reach 5,000 kilometers. Of course, the larger the range of the radar, the more energy it would consume. It also possessed the ability to read the memory of any living creature as long as the brain wasn't the completely corroded by microorganisms.

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