Mechanical God Emperor/机械神皇 Wiki
Big Brother, I still lack a toy, no, a maid! Can I have her act as my maid for a while? I’ll train her into a perfect maid for you.
Shi Xue to Yang Feng regarding Judy

Judy is Yang Feng's first slave.


Judy is a beautiful girl, 1.73 meters in height, brimming with youthful vigor, with breasts the size of small cantaloupes and blue hair tied up in a single ponytail.


She was trained to be perfect maid for Yang Feng by Shi Xue. She is very obedient and acts like a dog in front of Yang Feng.


Judy is Bantania's younger sister. She was given to Yang Feng as an apology because Bantania insulted Yang Feng and he threatened to destroy Bantania's Family. Taken in by Shi Xue as her personal maid, she became the first women to sleep with Yang Feng.