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Infinite Abyss Plane is very mysterious plane where all negative energy of the Universe gathers. The negative energy in turns give birth to Abyssal Fiends. The negative energy or Abyssal Force can corrode any living being turning them into Abyssal Fiends and even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse aren't resistance to it but they can resist it for a long time.

Infinite Abyss Plane doesn't have a grade and can even birth Warlock Emperor rank beings.

The Infinite Abyss Plane in total comprises 17,000 floors but the lower floors are unstable as the Abyss is always expanding. Each floor has its own Floor Lords who have a complete authority over the floor and its denizens. The Floors act in same manner as Divine Countries of Gods as they can boost the power of Floor Lords and suppress the invaders.

Abyssal soul coins are the universal currency in the endless Abyss. After cutting and breaking down the soul of an ordinary person, abyssal fiend lords can obtain a silver abyss soul coin.

  • 1000 White Soul Coins = 1 Gray Soul Coins
  • 1000 Gray Soul Coins = 1 Silver soul coins
  • 1000 Silver soul coins = 1 Gold soul coins
  • 1000 Gold soul coins = 1 Low-Grade Soul Stone.

When advanced abyssal fiends promote to great fiends and great fiends promote to abyssal fiend lords, they need to absorb the power of soul coins. Additionally, only by devouring the soul and power of enemies, by winning countless battles, can you gain the favor of Abyss, accept the baptism of abyssal force, and advance in rank.

Mention in chapter 610

Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul (First apprentice chapter 609) of the 666th floor.Poydul is a pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank, abyssal fiend. He is cunning and wise and has a fallen angel legion under his command. The fallen angel legion was created by Poydul, who on one hand corrupted the angels of gods, and on the other hand, used pure and holy souls and powerful soul stones coupled with a special method to make fallen angels. Poydul's most famous exploit was when he sent the fallen angel legion to besiege and kill a Warlock Monarch after the 7th Warlock Dynasty Magic Note Dynasty collapsed. Later, when the 8th Warlock Dynasty collapsed, his fallen angel legion barged into the Cangzhi Plane and slew another Warlock Monarch. Additionally, over the years, more than 100 Infinity Warlocks died to his fallen angel legion. Even though Poydul's fallen angel legion has suffered successive heavy losses, but it's still a very powerful army that Infinity Warlocks fear.Poydul is one of the abyssal fiends of whom human Warlock are the most apprehensive. In the endless Abyss, there is not a small number of abyssal fiends stronger than him. However, very few abyssal fiend lords have a fallen angel legion guarding them. The 666th floor is also the most orderly floor of the Abyss. Compared with the rest of the Abyss, it resembles more the Infernal World controlled by devils. If the Zhan family colluded with Poydul, then the Li Gui Province may really fall into Poydul's hands.

Mention in chapter 610

Succubus Empress of the 777th floor

In the long history of the endless Abyss, there have only been three Succubus Empresses known to the Cangzhi Plane. One was slain by the Taboo Lord during a struggle, another one was made into the first Succubus Golem by the Golem Lord. The third Succubus Queen is the master of the 777th floor of the endless Abyss. The 777th floor of the Abyss is a dreamland for male experts. There, the rare Succubi can be seen everywhere. Moreover, there are five Succubus Queens serving the Succubus Empress. The Succubus Empress is regarded as the top beauty of the endless Abys. The Succubus Empress of the 777th floor of the endless Abyss is a pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank expert.OIn the 777th floor of the Abyss, even Moonlight Warlock rank experts will be quelled by the Succubus Empress. Succubus Queensise an advanced form of Succubi from the Abyss, and each Succubus Queen is a powerful existence at the Moonlight Warlock rank or above. They are the most coveted treasures of males. In the Abyss, Infernal World, and the 36 primary material planes, they are the preferred pets of male experts, ranking even above elves and Angel. In the era of the 7th Warlock Dynasty Magic Note Dynasty, a Holy Spirit Warlock once offered a grade 8 plane to buy a Succubus Queen, but to no avail.

Mention in chapter 756

Abyssal fiend viscounts are Transcendent rank existences, they are already considered to be powerhouses among abyssal lords. In some low-level abyssal floors, there are even abyssal viscounts as masters.

In Bloody Battlefield Plain, on the fiend's side, there is one castle after another standing tall. These castles were built by the viscount rank and higher abyssal fiends.

In Bloody Battlefield Plain, where fighting never stops, as long as you can survive, you can evolve all the way to a marquis rank abyssal fiend.

For Bloody Battlefield Plain, the limit is the birth of marquis rank abyssal fiends and devils.

Once a marquis rank abyssal fiend or devil is born, they will choose to leave Bloody Battlefield Plain at once, since continuing to fight here not only won't bring any benefits but will even put them in danger of becoming the prey of Infinity Warlock rank existences.

When a marquis rank abyssal fiend returns to their territory, by relying on the subordinates they gathered in Bloody Battlefield Plain, plus their sovereign authority, they can even fight a grand duke rank, abyssal fiend. Of course, that is only the case if they are in their territory, where they can use sovereign authority to resist invaders.

It is due to this that marquis rank abyssal fiends belong to the quasi-upper echelon in the endless Abyss and can partially take control of their destiny. Grand duke rank abyssal fiends belong to the true upper echelon.

abyssal fiends

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