Mechanical God Emperor/机械神皇 Wiki

The Guamna universe is a half energy stronger universe than Yang Feng original universe. They have 3 grade 1 plane, which are the home planes of the 3 Eternals.

The Guamna's universe is controlled by 3 Eternals, namely, the Spirit Eyes Eternal, the Wing Eternal, and the Frost Eternal.

Among them, the Spirit Eyes Eternal is the oldest Eternal, who once dominated the entire Gumana Universe and has lived for more than 3 billion years.

Originally, with the Spirit Eyes Eternal present, it was impossible to give birth to other Eternals. However, the Gumana Universe had a battle of devour with another universe 2 billion years ago. At that time, the Spirit Eyes Eternal suffered major damage, and the Wing Eternal suddenly emerged and took this opportunity to promote to an Eternal.

1 billion years ago, there was yet another battle of devour, from which the Frost Eternal emerged as the Gumana Universe's third Eternal.

The Spirit Eyes Eternal has the bern divine race as subordinates, the Wing Eternal has the winged divine race as subordinates, and the Frost Eternal has the frost divine race as subordinates.

The three divine races dominate the entire Gumana Universe.

Under the three divine races, there are the eighteen sacred races, each of which has a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse standing guard.

In addition to the eighteen sacred races, there are countless other races of different sizes attached to the sacred races. The stronger other races have Holy Spirit Warlocks standing ground.