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Gods are existences which grasp the laws of the Planes they are God of, but by becoming a God they are bound by the shackles of the plane and unable to leave it. Gods have large life spans and even the weakest of the God has a minimum life span of 1,000,000 years and they advance by mastering the law they have authority of or by gaining a large amount of believers. Many experts become Gods for a long life span.

Gods arecategorized into ranks as followed:

Human Warlocks <-> Gods Ranks Comparison
Human Warlocks Gods
Moonlight Warlock Feeble Divine Force Rank God
Glorious Sun Warlock Weak Divine Force Rank God
Bright World Warlock Intermediate Divine Force Rank God
Infinty Warlock Strong Divine Force Rank God
Warlock Monarch Mighty Divine Force Rank God
Holy Spirit Warlock Supreme Divine Force Rank God
Warlock Emperor Myriad God Emperor

Gods can also form divine countries that act as their stronghold and there power are exponentially increased in there. Divine Countries are formed using countless precious resources. Gods in there divine countries have a large advantage against invaders and are even able to slay people above them in power. Divine Countries can also house the soul of their believers.

Gods also have the power to evolve the soul of there believers making them angels. Since Gods can't leave the plane Angels are like extra hands for them with which they can exert their influence. Angels are loyal followers of Gods and will never betray them and they are unkillable as long they soul is not destroyed as their soul can return to the divine country as once again make there body.

One can become a God as long they amass enough followers and ignite their divine spark.

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