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PilipinoEunice was a teacher at Warlock College Antalya and daughter of Warlock College Antalya’s dean Starlight Aldrich. She was also the first test subject of Nano-serum created Yang Feng for making people his servants.


She is a 1.76-meter-tall gorgeous woman looking to be 23 or 24 years old, dressed in a silver low-cut Warlock robe that exposes her legs, with a pair of breasts threatening to burst out the clothing, bright and glossy sun-like golden hair, exquisite and tender silk-like skin, and sensual and exquisite facial features, and exuding a sensual charm a formidable aura.


Realm Level Stage Chapter
Official Warlock 1 Late 50
Peak 79
2 Early 182
3 Peak 402
Great Warlock Mid 459
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