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Battle Demon Sect is one of the Ten Great Sects of Great Cloud Dynasty.

It used to have Infinity Warlocks but all of them died during an exploration which resulted in it only having BrightWorld Warlocks.

Battle Demon Sect's Cangzhi Plane base has 4 great Elders as the highest power them being BrightWorld Warlocks. After that comes the Puppet Sect Master.

Battle Demon Sect's main base is in the grade 4 plane Battle Demon Plane. It underlying force contains 3 Strong Divine Force Rank God and 13 Intermediate Divine Force Rank God. So in total Battle Demon Sect had 5 infinity warlock.

Yang Feng later passed the trail set by Battle Demon Ancestor and he became Battoe Demon Sect's true Sect Master having full authority over the whole sect.